We are proud to announce that our CREW is very strong and full of experience. We were able to handle 50 members of CREW on a big TOUR for Andrea Berg. The Tour was stopped because of the coronavirus threat, but it will continue in 2021 as you can see the TOUR dates below. The roadies have travelled on a BEET THE STREET TOUR BUS, by vans and cars and already have accomplished 15 huge stadium shows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We are happy to work together with the Global Entertaiment Group on a big TOUR like this. It shows that our CREW is capable of many things as we can see on the big festivals in Europe during the main summer season.

The whole CREW was fully equiped, english speaking and had experience with professional stage building.

 Andrea Berg (born 28 January 1966) is a German singer in the Schlager genre.

Run The Stage crew&production for your event… – STAGEHAND.CZ provided this CREW for Andrea Berg Tour 2020/2021:


CREW is supose to finish the whole tour – the tour was stopped in March, because of coronavirus like most of the events around the globe, but it will continue in March & April 2021.

TOUR has already started in November / December 2019 in Stuttgart and all this is already behind us:

14.-16.01.2020 – Oberhausen, Germany
17.01.2020 – Hamburg, Germany
18.01.2020 – Koln, Germany
23.01.2020 – Frankfurt, Germany
24.01.2020 – Neu Ulm, Germany
25.01.2020 – Mannheim, Germany
26.01.2020 – Trier, Germany
31.01.2020 – Geneve, Switzerland
06.02.2020 – Chemnitz, Germany
07.02.2020 – Berlin, Germany
08.02.2020 – Kiel, Germany
09.02.2020 – Westfalen, Germany (cancelled)
13.02.2020 – Salzburg, Austria
14.02.2020 – Gratz, Austria
15.02.2020 – Wien, Austria
16.02.2020 – Linz, Austria
06.03.2020 – Innsbruch, Austria
07.03.2020 – Munich, Germany
08.03.2020 – Regenburg, Germany

And the upcoming TOUR DATES are:

11.03.2021 – Braunschweig, Germany
12.03.2021 – Schwerin, Germany
13.03.2021 – Halle, Germany
18.03.2021 – Bremen, Germany
19.03.2021 – Magdeburg, Germany
20.03.2021 – Erfurt, Germany
08.04.2021 – Hannover, Germany
09.04.2021 – Leipzig, Germany
24.04.2021 – Nurnberg, Germany
25.04.2021 – Dortmund, Germany
16.06.2021 – Aspach, Germany
17.06.2021 – Aspach, Germany
18.06.2021 – Aspach, Germany

We are looking forward to hop on the tour bus and back on tour and finish this job. Let’s hope the coronovirus will stop spreading in Europe and we will be able to enjoy the big events again as soon as possible. Untill than everybody stay healthy!