BAVARIA SOUNDS 2022 – Andreas Gabalier / Helene Fischer / Robbie Williams – Münich – Germany


One of the BIGGEST events in the European history of events. Special designed stage from StageCo just for this event, for three big shows of Andreas Gabalier, Helene Fischer and Robbie Williams during the summer of 2022. Our CREW provided almost everything. SITE CREW, STAGEHANDS, FROKLIFT DRIVERS, STEELHANDS, SCAFFOLDERS, RIGGERS and most of the staff was working hard during the whole summer in Munich Messe. We even provided the transport for the CREW – buses, vans and cars driving from Prague to Munich and back to Prague. Also transport from the hotels to the Messe etc.


Hudreds and hundreds of people were working day and night on this event and everything worked out perfectly in the end. Run The Stage crew&production working directly with the promoter and StageCo did really a great job and the impact was just amazing. Sold out concerts, great shows and unforgettable moments with Andreas Gabalier, Helene Fischer and Robbie Williams, who closed the SHOW absolutely killed it and thousands and thousands people enjoyed the show.



Designing Germany’s Three Largest Open-Air Concerts

Bavaria Sounds 2022 in Munich, Germany came with many major production design considerations. One stage and one rig had to stay put for a month, outdoors. One design had to accommodate three individual concerts from popular artists of different musical styles: Austrian folksinger Andreas Gabalier (performing Aug. 8), Germany’s Helene Fischer (Aug. 20), and the UK’s Robbie Williams (Aug. 27). The rig had to withstand a month of weather, some hot days and rainstorms. It had to make the same statement during bright days and dark nights. And it had to have a striking visual impact to reach 100,000 fans that filled each show at the Munich Exhibition Center.

The three concerts would become Munich’s largest open-air concerts to date, and the largest in Germany this year.