Happy Birthday Nutella! Half a century of deliciousness “Made in Italy”

Our SCAFFOLDERS / STEELHANDS / STAGEHANDS were helping in cooperation with rodieworks.eu building and dismalting the 50 meters high stage for Nutella’s 50th anniversay in May 2014…the timelapse from the dismalting is in the video above.
In the spring of 1964, the first jar of Nutella left the Alba plant.
In half a century, it has become the most famous creamy spread in the world and is now undeniably a symbol of Italian creativity.
Nutella’s jubilee is an event that has a powerfully symbolic significance for Ferrero and the celebrations have been opened by an interview of the Group’s CEO, Giovanni Ferrero, broadcast on 13 May during the 8:00 pm TG1, the news programme of the Italian state-owned TV channel Rai 1.
With a total sales volume of 365 thousand tons, Nutella is now available in over 100 countries. It has achieved considerable renown, so much so that it has 25 million followers on Facebook and if you type Nutella using Google and Yahoo search engines, respectively 40.5 million and 15.5 million results will come up.
Numerous events are planned to celebrate the anniversary of this “legendary” spread, loved by generations of parents and children alike. They begin in Rome on 14 May with the presentation of a commemorative postage stamp dedicated to the 50th anniversary and the official announcement of the world calendar of celebrations.
On 16 May, the celebrations will be launched in Alba, “home” of Nutella, while the book “Mondo Nutella” will be presented at the Ferrero Foundation. On the next day, while the celebrations continue in Alba, a breakfast based on Nutella and lots of games for families are planned in Alton (Staffordshire) in England .
In Toronto, Canada, the last stage of a travelling event that began in the month of April will take place, as well as lots of entertainment and tastings for the public.
On 18 May, in Piazza del Plebiscito in Naples, a memorable concert starring Mika and other celebrities will be staged. In Dortmund, Germany, celebrations with showbiz stars, recreational activities and tastings are scheduled.
In Paris, at the prestigious Parc de Sceaux, there will be a show with personalities from the music world and tastings with famous bakers and chefs.
In Moscow, in the famous Gorky Park, there will be entertainment, tastings and opportunities for fun. In Warsaw, near the Ujazdowski Castle, a breakfast/brunch is planned, with various entertaining activities with famous showbiz personalities taking part to talk about their own experiences with Nutella.
In Dubai in the Arab Emirates, at the Dubai Mall (the largest in the world, with 6.3 million visitors each month), for a whole week, the “Nutella story machine”, a jar approximately four metres high, will be installed so that everyone can leave their own story inside an empty Nutella jar and receive a new personalised one in exchange.
On 19 May in New York, at the Broadway Pedestrian Plaza, Nutella’s birthday will be celebrated and, at the same time, the Nutella Truck Tour (a tasting tour lasting five months visiting 64 places across the United States) will be inaugurated. Live music and games are also scheduled.
More events in grand style are planned in other countries.