Just like the very last time we provided the CREW for Sputnik Spring Break Festival 2022 in Pouch, Germany, close to Leipzig. Our STAGEHANDS, STEELHANDS, SCAFFOLDERS, FORKLIFT DRIVERS etc. did a really good job and we love to come back to this beautiful place next to the lake where is always a great atmosphere.

Sputnik Spring Break is an Electronic, Hip Hop, Indie, Rock and Pop Festival that took place from 06/03/2022 to 06/06/2022 in Pouch near Bitterfeld and Leipzig (DE). The festival was attended 
by around 25,000 fans. Tickets cost from €99.00. The top acts were Seeed and Steve Aoki. In addition, Klaudia Gawlas, HousecaspeR, Drunken Masters, RAF Camora, Daniel Jäger, 102 Boyz and many 
more were booked.

These are the acts that played on former editions of this festival.

Steve Aoki, Timmy Trumpet, Neelix, Felix Kröcher, Boys Noize, AKA AKA, Klaudia Gawlas, Ostblockschlampen, Gestört Aber Geil, Mausio, Marcus Meinhardt, Kerstin Eden, K Paul, Moonbootica, Sigala, HouseKaspeR, Lexy, Lari Luke, Juju, Foxon, Drunken Masters, ESKEI83, Levt, Anstandslos & Durchgeknallt, Gntn, Madstep, 102 Boyz, Bhz, Markus Meinhardt