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Stagehands Prague / Run The Stage / stagehand.cz - Looking to organize a successful event or concert in Prague? Our dedicated team of professionals is here to provide top-notch support for all your event needs. From stagehands and scaffolders to riggers and forklift drivers, we've got you covered.


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Our experienced scaffolders in Prague will ensure the stage setup is sturdy and secure, while the skilled steelhands will handle any structural requirements with precision. Our forklift drivers are experts at maneuvering heavy equipment, ensuring smooth logistics throughout the event.

Need assistance with logistics and coordination? Our drivers in Prague will transport equipment and personnel efficiently, while our hostesses will greet guests with a warm welcome. Our light technicians will set the stage aglow, creating a mesmerizing ambiance, and our stage crew will handle all technical aspects of sound and lighting.

For exhibitions and festivals, our site crew in Prague will take care of everything, from installation to dismantling, ensuring a seamless experience for vendors and attendees alike. With our reliable and dedicated crew, you can focus on the main event while we handle the rest.

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