August 2023 – Saalburg, Germany

We have been providing the CREW for SMS Festival in Saalburg for more then 10 years and everything always worked out just perfect. The SCAFF, STEEL, STAGE CREW, also the SHOW CREW, our FORKLIFT DIRVERS and the SITE CREW they all teamed up together with all the SMS CREW and did the incredible. The festival was huge and the shows were amazing. Take a look here:

SonneMondSterne is a massive German EDM festival with over 40,000 dancing festies. Known for its legendary campsite parties, SMS has been putting on this show for over two decades. Working together with SilverBones is always a good job. Macklemore, Majer Lazor and much more, we had more than 100 workers at the venue and it all took more than two weeks to set it all up and put it down. It’s done. Great job.

Staff Expertise: The crew members exhibited a strong level of expertise in their respective roles. They were well-trained and experienced, which was evident in their ability to handle their tasks with precision and confidence. Their expertise undoubtedly played a pivotal role in the success of the festival.

Reliability: Reliability is crucial in event management, and crew proved their reliability throughout the festival. They arrived on time, adhered to schedules, and remained flexible when unexpected situations arose. Their commitment to the event was commendable.

Looking forward for the next year…see you in 2024!

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