Sputnik Spring Break 2023


2023 – Pouch, Germany

Again again and again. Sputnik Spring Break – one of our favourite festivals that always kicks off the season. Our CREW is there every year for more than a decade. STAGEHANDS, STEELHANDS, SCAFFOLDERS, FORKLIFT DRIVERS, RIGGERS and the whole CREW. We love this festival, we love this area and together with Silver Bones GmbH we became something more than just a CREW. We are family.

This year started in it’s kind of a way after the boom when the COVID restrictions dropped. But Sputnik is Sputnik and it has to be as always – one of the best festivals we can work for and the best CREW that we love to support. Big up to the SHOWCREW and the whole CREW who did such a great job and killed it this year.

Revel in the ultimate party experience at Sputnik Spring Break Festival, an annual three-day celebration of music and culture held in Pouch, Germany. Embrace the fascinating world of spring break revelry as you explore this vibrant gathering!

Boasting an eclectic lineup of musicians from the electronica and rock worlds, The Springbreak Festival is renowned as one of the premier events to kickstart festival season – taking place annually on Pentecost weekend.

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