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Event Crew

Event Crew

Our dedicated event crew is comprised of experienced stagehands and staff members who work seamlessly together to ensure flawless execution of all types of events. With their expertise and attention to detail, our crew guarantees a smooth and professional experience for every client.

  • Crew boss
  • Stagehands
  • Steelhands
  • Scaffolders
  • Hostesses
Technical Crew

Technical Crew

Our skilled technical crew, consisting of highly trained stagehands and dedicated staff members, possesses the expertise to handle all technical aspects of events with precision and efficiency. From sound and lighting to rigging and equipment setup, our crew ensures seamless execution, allowing our clients to focus on the success of their events.

  • Light technicians
  • LED technicians
  • Follow spot operators

Specialist Plant & Machinery Operators

Our crew includes specialist plant and machinery operators who bring their expertise to events, ensuring efficient and precise operation of complex equipment. With their skillful handling of machinery and attention to safety, our staff contributes to the smooth functioning of event setups, allowing for seamless execution and a memorable experience for our clients.

  • Forklift drivers
  • Scissors lift operators
  • Riggers
  • Climbers
Man with van

A Man With a Van

Our dedicated crew includes experienced drivers who play a vital role in our event operations. From transporting equipment and materials to ensuring timely arrivals and departures, our skilled drivers contribute to the seamless execution of events, working hand in hand with our stagehands and staff to deliver exceptional service.

  • Drivers
  • Runners

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